They like us! They really like us!

29 October 2009 | Tutorials & Reviews | Tags: ,

happyfaces wt They like us! They really like us!

Here are just a few of the many reviews, tutorials and blog posts ScreenFlow 2.0 has received in the last week. Take moment to watch (or read through) these – there are some great tips and insights. Even the most experienced ScreenFlow user might learn something!

ScreenFlow 2.0 Demo

  • We’re a big fan of SoldierKnowsBest. In this YouTube video he shows how to use some of the new features of ScreenFlow 2.0.

ScreenFlow 2.0 Overview

  • DanWantsTech gives a great overview of ScreenFlow 2.0 on his YouTube channel

Review: ScreenFlow 2009/10/27

  • Reviewer Rob Griffiths provides an in-depth look at ScreenFlow 2.  “For now, at least, ScreenFlow’s combination of tools and performance makes it the best all-in-one screen recording and editing tool for the Mac.”

ScreenFlow 2.0 Review | Geek Caster 2009/10/26

  • Paul McGovern reviews ScreenFlow 2.0.  “…it provides what I consider the best screencasting development solution available and is pivotal in my development of e-learning materials.”

ScreenFlow 2.0: top Mac screen recording app gets even better 2009/10/29 – TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Website)

  • “Already the gold standard in the screen recording app genre on the Mac, Telestream’s ScreenFlow adds a host of goodies in its 2.0 update.”

ScreenFlow 2.0 v Camtasia for Mac 2009/10/29 – Jeremy’s Blog

  • “So how do I feel about ScreenFlow 2.0 now that it’s finally here? … my initial impressions are mostly very positive and I feel glad that I made the decision to stick with ScreenFlow, despite having my head turned by TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac.”

Camtasia vs. ScreenFlow: Creating Your First Screencast 2009/10/28 – theAppleBlog

  • Matthew Bookspan provides a product comparison for newbies to screencasting. “I give the slight edge to ScreenFlow because of its ability to edit audio separately as well as its UI for editing different properties of a recording.”

ScreenFlow 2.0 Improves Video Editing Features For Screencasting 2009/10/29 – ReelSEO

  • Grant Crowell interviews Barb DeHart about the new ScreenFlow release. “Listen in on how the new version’s enhancements will provide users with even better business-quality video than before.” Includes a nice overview of screencasting in general and ScreenFlow 2.0.  Click icon at bottom of the article to hear the interview.

ScreenFlow 2.0 Tutorial, Tips and Tricks Part 1 – Editing

  • MacBoyProductions’ YouTube video tutorial on the editing features of ScreenFlow 2.0

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to help spread the word. We like you too!

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