ScreenGenius Tip: Placing & aligning items


screen genius ScreenGenius Tip: Placing & aligning itemsHave you ever needed to add media or text to your ScreenFlow, move it around, and then move it back to exactly where it was before?

Although ScreenFlow 2.1 does not currently allow you to set XY coordinates, or  ‘nudge’ media on the canvas (though this has been logged as a feature request) here are some ideas to help you place or move media around on your canvas and make sure it’s positioned exactly where you want it:

Turn Snapping on

snapping1 ScreenGenius Tip: Placing & aligning itemssnapping2 ScreenGenius Tip: Placing & aligning items

Firstly, make sure you have “snapping” on. From the “View” menu, select “Snapping” or hit control-N.

When snapping is enabled, you’ll see yellow guidelines that you can use to help align items as you move your media around on the canvas.

Use layers

As a second idea, one of our fabulous users, Chris Fenwick, suggests a great way to use layers to line up items, in a blog post he did recently.

With text, copy and paste

Thirdly, if you’re trying to place text boxes in a consistent location in your screencast, then “copy & paste” is your friend. I use this a lot.

  1. Create a text box & type in the text you want
  2. Copy & paste that text box and move it to another location on your timeline (so that it appears later in the presentation.)  The text box will remain at the same XY coordinates on your canvas.
  3. Simply type your new text into your new textbox.

This way, you have your text appearing in the same location each time it appears in your presentation. Here’s a quick demo of how to do this:

(Having trouble viewing this? View in a web browser)

Do you have a clever way of aligning or placing your media on your ScreenFlow canvas? Please share!

4 Responses to “ScreenGenius Tip: Placing & aligning items”

  • 1 SierraX Says:

    In my opinion… much better than the last one…
    About its a thing not starts and found by user automatically.

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    Lynn Elliott Reply:

    Thanks SierraX,
    I appreciate your feedback and opinions!

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  • 2 Jacek Laskowski Says:

    I love the content, esp. its conciseness -- it’s useful yet not very long to get a reader bored listening to or reading it.

    p.s. While listening to it, I’ve noticed the Poll with an item “To record progress or work done”. What do you mean by that? How could I achieve it with ScreenFlow?

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    Lynn Elliott Reply:

    Hi Jacek,
    Thanks for the feedback. In answer to your question: One creative use of ScreenFlow that I’ve heard of is a software coder that uses ScreenFlow to record the coding work he’s doing. For example, if he’s trying to figure out how to solve a particular problem in code, he’ll record his steps. Then, when he comes back to that project (which for him, may be in a week or more), he’s got an easy way of remembering where he left off, and his thought process for solving the problem.
    I could see this could also be used in other areas like research -- if you’re doing online research, sometimes one link leads to another that leads to another, and before you know it there are dozens of paths you could have taken -- but didn’t. You could use ScreenFlow, to help remind you of where you’ve been and other paths you may want to take.
    Hope that helps.

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