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Have you ever wanted some advice on how to improve your screencasts from a proven professional?

Now’s your chance!

I am excited and honored to announce a great new opportunity: The “ScreenFlow Makeover” series with Marty Smith from, ScreenFlowMakeover 07 Submit your videos for a ScreenFlow Makeoverone of our most experienced and creative users of ScreenFlow. He has generously offered to provide some free personal coaching and consulting to anyone who wants advice on how to improve their screencasts.

Maybe you want ideas for better ways to present your content, or how to make your videos more engaging. Or perhaps you want feedback on your content itself or even how to market your video…

Now is your chance. If you submit your video, along with the 3 areas you want to focus on improving, Marty will arrange a one-on-one session with you to assess your video and recommend ways of improving it. Free!

What WE get from this is some interesting, constructive blog posts :) We’ll pick the best of these sessions (which will be recorded and edited) and post them on our blog, so everyone can learn some general tips for improving their screencasts.

Here’s how to get your video assessed:

  1. Submit a link to your screencast video from the form below. Your video should be uploaded somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, your own server) and be visible. It can be unlisted… just make sure it’s not private.
  2. In the submission form, specify up to 3 areas you’d like advice or guidance on.

Depending on how many submissions we get, Marty will set up a Skype interview with you to review your video, and go over some recommendations for improvement.

Marty has made over 600 videos for his own online marketing, YouTube channels, and paying clients. He has nearly 4 MILLION views across his various video channels and continues to offer free ScreenFlow tips on his blog at By submitting your video to the “ScreenFlow Makeover” series, Marty says “It will be really fun to meet and help new ScreenFlow-ers, and I hope to give them at least ONE spankin’ cool idea to improve their videos.”

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions. Stay tuned!

Please submit your screencasts into the ScreenFlow Makeover series through the form below:

6 Responses to “Submit your videos for a ScreenFlow Makeover”

  • 1 Veit Says:

    Excellent idea and congrats to getting Marty to do this with you…

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    Lynn Elliott Reply:

    Thanks! It’s such a great opportunity to get some unbiased, third-party feedback! And Marty’s got a lot of experience… so I hope people take advantage of it.

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  • 2 Marty Says:

    Lynn thanks so much for putting this together. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with other video creators.

    I wanted to add here that if there are Screenflow-ers feeling apprehensive about sharing your work -- PLEASE do not be. This is not about what is good or bad, but more so about how you plan, execute and market videos using Screenflow. Personally, I have learned the most from watching other people’s videos -- no matter their skill level. So I am expecting to learn a few things here as well.

    Let’s face it people, the quality and professionalism of videos (in general) right now is really advancing due to innovative products like Screenflow, so connecting with other like-minded marketers is a really good way to stay ahead of the curve. Not only that, I expect we will have more than a few good laughs during these conversations.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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  • 3 Daniel Edwards Says:

    Really like the idea. So tricky to improve through trial and error after initial set up.
    Thanks for the offer.

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  • 4 Tamsin Slatter Says:

    I’m very excited about this. Lots to learn!

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  • 5 Paal Joachim Romdahl Says:

    Actually every video I have posted on my youtube channel:
    Has in some way dropped by Screenflow. Many are video tutorials where I have used Screenflow. Others are recorded with a digital camera and then brought into Screenflow for some editing. Then exported.

    This is a very good idea Lynn and Marty!

    We all get to learn from this! I will think a bit then submit one or two for review.

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