ScreenFlow Makeover: Educate as well as Entertain


A few weeks ago, we announced our ScreenFlow Makeover Series, which offered users the opportunity to get free one-on-one consulting with Marty Smith from to improve their screencasts. Well, several people took Marty up on his offer, and I’m pleased to share with you his first report:

“For our first ScreenFlow Makeover series, I had a long session with Peter Mangiaracina, an ESL Psychologist and instructor working in a Spanish hospital, training medical staff. Peter uses ScreenFlow to create additional training content for his students and sees video as a way to possibly expand and market his reach to other students via YouTube. Peter wanted to add some entertainment value to his screencasts, and was interested in ways to expand his audience on YouTube.

Here is a sample of Peter’s work on YouTube.

So watch the video I made which is a recap of the suggestions I made.

And here is a sample video showing how a makeover could really present his content if a different way.

We’re going to continue this ScreenFlow Makeover series a while longer. So, if you have some ScreenFlow videos that you feel may need some help in production or marketing, then just submit them for review (see form at the end of the post). We’d be happy to get back to you.

Thanks for watching,

Marty Smith

Thanks Marty! And thanks to Peter for offering his hard work up for critique.

3 Responses to “ScreenFlow Makeover: Educate as well as Entertain”

  • 1 Veit Says:

    Great makeover by Marty. May I offer one additional suggestion? Make the fonts bigger. There’s unused space in the video and most of the wording is too small, thus making it hard to read. In fact, one readability test we always perform on our videos is that all words have to be clearly and easily legible, when playing back the video at half size.

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    Marty Reply:

    Oh thanks Veit. That is a great rule of thumb to remember!

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  • 2 Jeremy Says:

    solid makeover! i learned a few new things. the screen alerts and fast facts were a really professional touch! also, i really liked the idea of adding in some pop culture like video clips and funny artwork that fits the topic.

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