ScreenFlow Makeover #3: Making your videos appeal to a wider audience


ScreenFlowMakeover 07 ScreenFlow Makeover #3: Making your videos appeal to a wider audience Several months ago, we started a ScreenFlow Makeover Series, which offered users the opportunity to get free one-on-one consulting with Marty Smith from to improve their screencasts. I am excited now to share the third Makeover results video. (You can view the first makeover here,  and view the second makeover here.)

In this ScreenFlow Makeover, Marty has a look at Joseph and Kathryn Mina’s “Gemini Awakening Show” video, which is something they create as a regular update on their YouTube channel. They use ScreenFlow, Final Cut Pro and live video to create a really good combination of visuals while keeping their subscribers up to date.

These videos are definitely a step above the competition already, but Marty adds some key recommendations that he feels will help them appeal to a wider audience while making their ScreenFlow productions more visually consistent and setting the stage for a higher volume of output. Comment below and let us know what you think can be improved as well.

If you would like your ScreenFlow video to get a “Makeover” let us know by submitting it to Lynn or Marty through this form.

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  • 1 David Dell Says:

    Marty that was an excellent breakdown of additional things for J and K’s screen flows.
    Brilliant ideas for further advancement also. Boy what an opportunity they have :-)

    Current score: 1


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