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Exporting HD video for Vimeo

Tweet Someone recently asked, “What are the best export settings to use for uploading HD video to Vimeo?” Well, being the inquisitive person that I am, I decided to do some investigating. My first efforts took me to a set of great tutorials on the Vimeo forum: Vimeo HD exporting from many editors. This page [...]

Apple H.264 vs. x264 in ScreenFlow – better exports?

Tweet If you export your ScreenFlows using the “Web” presets or the built in Apple H.264 codec, you’ll be interested to hear of a way to reduce your data rates while maintaining the quality of your H.264 movies by installing a free x264 codec. x264Encoder is an encoding engine that produces video in the H.264/AVC [...]

ScreenGenius Tip: Make your video files smaller

Tweet I need more SPACE! I know I’m not the only one who has said that – though, admittedly, maybe not everyone is referring to storage space for their video files. Video files, as I’m sure you know, can be HUGE. Although virtually all video is compressed in some way or another there’s continual effort [...]

ScreenGenius Tip: Blur out text

Tweet Someone recently asked if it was possible to blur text  or blur out parts of the screen in ScreenFlow. This can be useful if your screen recording includes filling out a form that has sensitive information in it. There’s not a direct way of blurring out text currently in ScreenFlow. (Though I’ve seen this [...]

ScreenGenius How To: Export just a portion of your screencast

Tweet Another new feature of ScreenFlow 2.0 is the ability to export a selected range of your entire screencast, not the entire presentation. And, it’s easy to do! Step one: Select a range in your ScreenFlow timeline. You can do this either by holding down “Shift” in the timeline as you click and drag the [...]

Meet ScreenFlow 2.0 – YouTube export

Tweet A very popular feature request has been to have the ability to export to YouTube with the click of a button. So, here you go! (Having trouble viewing this? View in a web browser)

ScreenGenius Tips: Can I export ScreenFlow videos for use in Final Cut?

Tweet Despite the powerful editing tools in ScreenFlow, there may be an occasion when you need to do more extensive editing to your ScreenFlow video. So, how do you get your video into Final Cut, and which export format should you use? The first question is easy! When you have finished editing in ScreenFlow, export [...]