Switch and Win!


Exciting news! 

Telestream has just released a brand new product: Switch – A media playback, inspection and conversion tool for professionals.  The beta version is ready to be tested.  We would appreciate all of your input!

To go along with the release, we are giving away some iTunes gift cards.  Post a picture to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter of yourself with Switch and the hashtag #SwitchandWin (be creative!), or/and sign up to win here. Don’t forget to share with your friends to boost your chances of winning!

Hope you love Switch!

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Telestream’s Jim Boston and His New Book, “TV on Wheels”


1144_001Here at Telestream we have some pretty amazing employees.  Take Jim Boston, for example.  Last November the second edition of his book TV on Wheels, co-authored with the CTO of NEP George Hoover, went on sale to the public.  We sat down for an interview exploring the complexities of mobile TV broadcasting and a bit about Jim himself.

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Wirecast 5.0.3 is here!


We are excited to announce the launch of the Wirecast 5.0.3 update, with 50 new fixes and enhancements!

Most exciting for us are a few of the new features. We have:

-Added Akamai as a streaming destination to our ever-growing list of CDNs, meaning we are now an Akamai Certified Encoder!

-Provided a dedicated checkbox for enabling strict constant bitrate with the x264 encoder (great for gamers on twitch.tv!).

-Improved indicators for streaming, recording and out-of-bandwidth, allowing for immediate feedback for potential stream failures.

-Added Support for keyframe alignment across multiple streams. This includes the use of absolute flash timestamps.

These new features and many more make Wirecast 5.0.3 the best ever! Take a look at the full list of updates.

Happy streaming!

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Come check out our new look!


On February 25th Telestream turned 16!

16 years of bringing you the most awesome and engaging video software products on the market!

16 years of working hard to meet the needs of an ever changing technologically advanced customer base!

16 years of growth and innovation!

And now, after 16 years, we are ready to update our look.


We are excited to announce the launch of a new logo, a new website, and a new look for Telestream.  Take a moment to explore our new site! Let us know what you think and, as always, keep an eye out here for product announcements and discounts.


Thanks for trusting us for over 16 years, and here’s to another 16 more!


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Broadcasting Sports on any Budget


The Olympics are Coming!

Starting in just over a week, the world’s best winter sports athletes will be congregating in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.  From the opening to closing ceremonies, an astronimical amount of viewers are expected to tune in over the two and a half week games.  Estimates show the 2008 Summer Olympics drew 4.7 billion individual viewers.  4.7 billion…that is over 70% of the world’s population!  With ever-progressing video and broadcast technology it is possible that the Sochi games could draw even more viewers.

When individual viewer numbers are so high, the quality of the broadcasting must be equally as high.  Expect to see cutting edge technologies, incredible HD TV coverage and Internet live streams, and the ever-present, ageless Bob Costas.  It is sure to be the pinnacle of live broadcast television.

Of course, these broadcasts are backed by untold millions, sometimes billions of dollars and mega TV Corporations.  Not everyone is able to boast such resources, but luckily there are more affordable options for sporting events that, while not drawing billions of viewers, are just as important nonetheless.

Sports Broadcast Webinar

Luckily for us, our friends Larry Cotter from HighSchoolCube.com and Marcelo Lewin from AheadOfTheCurveMedia.com put together a helpful and engaging webinar about this very subject.  If you are interested in the behind the scenes of broadcasting sports on any budget, take a look at this awesome resource.

Happy broadcasting!!

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