Steve Garfield’s Blog: Livestreaming TVnext with Wirecast 4


We’re pleased to highlight Steve Garfield and his blog post on livestreaming with Wirecast.  Steve is a video blogger and author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets. He just finished livestreaming Hill Holiday’s #TVNext Summit on January 28, 2011.   Steve does a great job of covering all the topics. He covers preparation (like lower thirds), computer equipment, audio equipment/feed, internet connections, graphics, streaming providers and of course, Wirecast 4.

He did a fantastic job, and we really appreciate all his feedback, input and creativity in the Wirecast community!

See the post here: Behind the Scenes: Live Streaming #TVnext with Ustream and Wirecast 4

And here’s the recorded version of the conference, which was fantastic.

Nice job Steve!

Steve Garfield operating his Canon GL/2

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  • 1 Ruth Maas Says:

    I am a middle school teacher and would like to set up a second camera for our morning broadcast. I am having trouble getting my new video camcorder to show up in Wirecast. Any hints or tips?

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