Expedite Your Subtitling and Captioning Workflow with Auto-Transcription

If you are adding captions or subtitles to your videos, you’re going to want to hear this…

We have just announced a new service, called Timed Text Speech, that is going to save you a TON of time. Timed Text Speech automatically creates a text transcript of your video using speech-to-text technology. So that means… you don’t need to manually type a transcript of your video anymore. Timed Text Speech can do that for you!

How it works…

Timed Text Speech uses speech-to-text technology, artificial intelligence and cloud-based processing to create a text transcript that will populate directly into your captioning projects on-the-fly without waiting for processing to complete. All with perfect timing so that each phrase is displayed at exactly the right moment. Simple as that!

And…since you’ll only pay by the transcription minute, there will be no wasted expenses!

Timed Text Speech sends a very small audio file to Telestream Cloud for speech-to-text processing. Users don’t have to worry about uploading a big video file to the cloud.Timed Text Speech can be accessed through MacCaption or CaptionMaker software. With this complete end-to-end captioning solution, you’ll be able to transcribe, transcode, convert, troubleshoot, modify, and deploy caption and subtitle data. This gives you the power to get your captioning project done fast while saving money.

It takes more than just speech-to-text to complete a captioning project. Delivering captioned video to TV and Internet requires formatting, encoding, video transcode, and automated delivery. Telestream software has a true end-to-end solution for the video professional.

Unlike other speech-to-text solutions, Timed Text Speech is part of our professional lineup of video processing products that helps customers add captioning and subtitling to their existing video delivery and transcoding workflows.

If you already own MacCaption or CaptionMaker you will be able to unlock Timed Text Speech (once it’s officially released) by signing up for a Telestream Cloud account.

Who should use it

Wondering if Timed Text Speech is the right for you or your business?

Timed Text Speech is perfect for content creators who need to produce captions and subtitles in a quick turnaround time. Pre-recorded video no longer needs to be captioned live due to tight deadlines.

It’s also a great tool for captioning service companies searching for new ways to speed up their service and get ahead of the competition.

Since Timed Text Speech is cost-effective and easy-to-use, it’s also an excellent choice for corporations, government organizations and educational institutions wishing to bring captioning in-house.


So, how are you currently captioning and subtitling your videos? We hope this will give you some new options that potentially make it a whole lot easier and faster. Let us know what you think.

Learn more

See it for yourself! Timed Text Speech will be shown for the first time at IBC 2017 on stand 7.B26. Meet with us to learn more about how our captioning and subtitling solutions will transform your workflow.

Timed Text Speech will be available as part of our MacCaption and CaptionMaker 7.0 software which will release to the public in early October.

To learn more about our captioning products visit our website or download our ebook, Taking Charge of Your Closed Captioning.

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