Telestream Cloud and Skyline Communications

Automating your entire media eco-system can get a bit tricky. We have partnered with Skyline Communications to introduce a simple way to achieve your automation goals by using end-to-end service quality management and best-in-class monitoring probes in the cloud.

If you are interested in learning how Skyline’s Dataminer and our new Stream Monitor service can work together to provide comprehensive video monitoring from ingest to distribution:

Sign up for our ondemand webinar here!

Check out what we cover in the webinar:

  • Product Demos
  • Accurate end-user viewer experience (QoE)
  • Real-time CDN performance from almost anywhere on Earth
  • Measure delivery QoS performance for every variant at the CDN edge  
  • Compare in-region performance for each CDN partner
  • Continuously monitor audio/video quality & identify disruptive impairments
  • Scale-out monitoring infrastructure on demand
  • Swarming regions that are reporting problems
  • Validate stream availability in new markets

Sign up for a Telestream Cloud account now, and get your first 20 monitoring hours free every month with Stream Monitor

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